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1. Sweet potato shepherd’s pie with ground beef and veggie mix 

2. Turkey meatballs with chickpea pasta and broccoli

3. Shredded chicken breast in a butternut squash puree, brown rice and Brussels sprouts

4. Shredded chicken breast with tomato sauce over chickpea pasta served with zucchini

5. Chicken Strogonoff, quinoa with peas and carrots served with broccoli

6. Chicken cubes with brown rice, tri-color quinoa and bell peppers mix 

7. Red beans, brown rice and shredded beef (typical Brazilian dish) with green beans

8. Nut-crusted no-noodle zucchini lasagna with shredded chicken breast 

9. Chicken breast cubes and broccoli with chickpea pasta served in a white sauce 

10. Codfish stew (cod, bell peppers, onions, coconut milk), brown rice and aspargus

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